technological spectacle 7.2 - 7.13


Basement6 Collective is excited to invite Xu Cong and his new media collection of work centered around antiquated aspects of life. How do you direct message God?  What happens when my personal morals become algorithmicCan we digitally augment our own personal hell? Technological Spectacle is a lesson in reassigning a spiritual realm to the mechanics of the internet.


Xu Cong, born in 1988, lives and works in Shanghai. He is devoted to exploring the logic of technological development and the influences of media technologies, such as the Internet, have brought to people. He works at the blurry boundary between reality and virtual, online and offline. Xu Cong examines new ways of artistic expression by using computer graphics algorithms. His works and designs of installation, moving image and interactive programs have appeared both in museums and on streets. He is an avid promoter of vvvv, a hybrid open-source programming environment. Xu also gives lectures and workshops at Universities and institutions.