basement6 collective 是一个非盈利社区艺术空间,2013年建立的。所有的费用都是我们资助的,所以你买的啤酒其实在帮我们付房租!呵呵

basement6 collective is a not for profit ❌💵  community art space🎨

founded in 2013. we pay for everything out of pocket so whenever you

buy a beer🍻 from us, you are actually helpingus pay rent lol


located at Uptown Records, Basement6 aims to create a community of experimental artists, playwrights, dancers, sound artists, researchers, musicians, vjays, you name it. basically anyone who is willing to take action within the diverse landscape of Shanghai🇨🇳, during this period of rapid transformation, is welcomed here. including you




非商业: 我们没钱,也不想要钱。所有的basement6 会员都是志愿者,付出自己的时间精力而为了维持basement6的品节。我们大部分艺术品虽然不是实际的,但却是无所标价的。我们真的没开玩笑-你的啤酒真的帮我们付房租!

our aims are:

inclusion: this is a place of artistic acceptance and celebrated losers 💩

cultural impact: we challenge audiences rather than produce 

entertainment; we facilitate experiences and critical movements. 😇

non commerce ❌💰❌💸❌🤑 : we have no money and we don’t plan 

to. All collective members volunteer time and effort to maintain the 

integrity of Basement6. most artistic works are immaterial or intangible. everything we produce is priceless. we were not kidding when we said your beer pays our rent


we function as a collective of multiple disciplinary artists focused in experimentation and the social arts. our mission is to provide a platform forupcoming and established artists to venture into new mediums and aim to bridge international and local communities