Hadas Zucker - Blase


‘Blasé- There is nothing special about the evolution of nature, solar system,   human kind.’



B6C推送:艺术家Hadas Zucker

Blasé(麻木)-在自然界,太阳系 ,以及人类领域,根本毫无进化。




Hadas Zucker个展“在自然界,太阳系 ,以及人类领域,根本毫无标题Blasé(麻木)项目下的第二个系列部分。



 Zucker solo exhibition “There is nothing special about the evolution of

 nature, solar system, human kind” is the second Part of series of

projects under the title Blasé.





一个融合了艺术/时/文化目的初始主Hadas Zucker和巴黎的Luca Marchetti(符号学者、时尚策展人)合作。



 mixed media art/fashion/culture project based on an original concept by

 Hadas Zucker and co-curated in collaboration with Paris based

semiotician and fashion curator, Luca Marchetti.




Mr.Marchetti,瑞士日内瓦大学的教授,意大利版vogue杂顾问和品牌家,至今已CarvenLouis VuittonHermes和许多其他品牌合作。



 Marchetti,Geneva university Professor, Vogue Italy fashion contributor

and brand expert has been collaborating with Carven, Louis Vuitton,

Hermes and many other.










 first part, dealt with Identity featuring portraits of individuals in

Shanghai wearing a jacket, holding plastic bags and smoking a cigarette.

 The second part is clashing ghetto culture with high life ambitions,

portraying luxury scrubbed with sand paper.


让我们期待更烈、真的媒体装置,行表演, 视频和一个限制行版的迷你志。包含全面的格、细节等,并将于上海装周同时开幕发行。



 hard core, masks off mixed media installation, performance, video work

and a launch of a limited edition zine. launching simultaneously to

Shanghai fashion week it offers a critical, alternative, right in your

face look at fashion and style.







Hadas Zucker是艺术家,总监。生于以色列,生活工作于上海。Zucker 边练习独立思考状;并持续观,分析和对视觉质问,文化和全球拜金的状。Zucker尚的本源烈冲撞的每日状做比,与煽点火做坏事并列比全球文化中产阶级化提出质疑。


Hadas Zucker is an artist and fashion creative director. Born in

israel, lives and work in Shanghai. Zucker practice and mentor

independent thinking; to observe, analyse and question the contemporary

visual, cultural and global consumerist reality. Zucker uses fashion

juxtaposed with “the ordinary" and everyday situations to clash high and

 low, provoke taboos and do the wrong thing. asking, whether we are

forming a great progress out of a catastrophe or flattening out the

diversity of the world's cultural landscape.