NATIVE VISION: film/performance 7月15日周五晚8:30

This July, we welcome the House of Native Vision for a film screening/performance, hosted by director Jordan Mitchell. Our gest will guide your through the night, read on …

我们的嘉宾导演 Jordan Mitchell将会带领大家享受这个过程


Friday July 15 / 8:30pm at B6C / Admission : 30rmb

( includes one cocktail and tasting menu)




/An evening of natural liturgy that will include a screening of native vision

followed by an earth eater cocktail tasting/






“A screening of Native Vision is intended to be the setting of a shamanistic liturgy. Guests are welcomed into the service by traveling host, Carley Rollins. After the film is screened, Carley will serve Earth Eater, the cult's ritual cocktail and theme of the film. There is a 15 to 20 minute communion where the guests will feel the effect of the drink while listening to a message from Carley Rollins about the power of Native Vision.

影片从原始视角阐释萨满礼仪。放映后,Carley Rollins 将为观众带来食土仪式还 有符合电影主题的邪典鸡尾酒。品酒的同时你将听到Carley Rollins朗诵一段原始视 角能量的信息。

A fictional story set in early 21st century Beijing, revolving around a loosely formed cult which seeks transcendence in the ritual consumption of alcohol, the film commences with the live launch of a cocktail called Earth Eater. In the programmed actions of the cultists on stage, the viewer begins to identify patterns in the cult’s doctrines, only to shift viewpoint across the city as we witness the banal existence of these same humans in private and collective life. A musically charged montage about dreaming, Internet community and power, Native Vision is an immersive experience in the natural liturgy of urban shamanism.

一个虚拟的故事,发生在21世纪的北京。一个散漫的组织想要通过消耗酒精寻找 突破自身的方式,影片开始主人公喝下了食土鸡尾酒。最后观众会发现,人们的行 为方式是多么的统一无论是在独身荒野还是聚众。特别的配乐更为画面带来诡异的冲击力原始视角体验城市中的萨满文化



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